How I Started Freelancing

Since middle school, I had always been interested in writing.  It was something that I had found fun and entertaining.  Occasionally I would dream of writing being something that I could be paid to do.  Like many other people, though, I believed that was only a dream and that it could never become a reality.

As I am writing a book on how to become a freelancer, that is no longer the case.

Late in 2014 I decided to look into the world of Freelancing.  I had a friend that got paid to write on Freelance, a now defunct website that was merged into Upwork.  I can’t tell you how many different bids I put in on projects in that first month.  I got nowhere.

What did I do?  I didn’t give up.

What brought my attention to Fiverr was a small ad that I saw on some website (I don’t remember what site) for a $5 logo.  I clicked on that ad and looked at it.  It didn’t take long for me to find a logo designer I liked.  Rapidly after that I had a logo.

That was only the start though.  Then I had to come up with some content to use for a portfolio.  That meant writing a few pieces for myself and not for clients.  I did just that.

Still, I had no luck on Freelance.  So instead, I went back to that little $5 logo website.  This website was Fiverr, where people paid you a fiverr to do a gig for them.  Quickly, for if I went slow I worried that I would give up, I set up an account on Fiverr and posted samples of writing I had done in the past.  I admit that I really over did how many words I would write with my first gig, 1,400.

My gig started to generate some hits from potential clients.  Then one client hired me.  It all started with that one client.  After that client, had purchased a gig, I had delivered, they left a five-star review.

I was surprised, astounded even.  It was the first time that anyone had ever shown that much interest in my writing on a professional level.  From there it just kept on going and going.

Today I have close to 1,000 orders completed on Fiverr and a few completed through other sources.  I went from being a regular seller to being a level one seller to being a level two seller.  Level two sellers are the second highest level of seller on the Fiverr website.

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