My Portfolio

  • Threes of Survival (1/16/2017) - This is an article I wrote on wilderness survival and the rule of threes. It is over 800 words, longer than my basic gig but sometimes I will go over to provide the quality that is needed.
  • Portfolio: The American Police Training Institute (1/8/2017) - In November of last year, I started working for a client on writing police training articles. Since then I have gone from writing a few articles to a minimum of 4 per month. Most of the blog posts on their blog are written by me.
  • Stop Procrastinating And Start Your Idea/Business (1/8/2017) - This blog post is meant to get people with business ideas to stop procrastinating and start their business. It is a motivational blog post. The turnaround time was three days as there was also another part to the order.
  • How To Turn Off Your Gas How To Turn Off Your Gas (1/8/2017) - This blog post was written for a client’s survival blog. They ordered three articles, all of which were to be around 500 words. It is an instructional post on turning off your gas.
  • Top 7 Healthy Eating Tips for Very Busy People Top 7 Healthy Eating Tips for Very Busy People (1/8/2017) - A client requested an article on healthy tips for very busy people. They requested an article with around 800 words. It was delivered early and received a five-star rating from the client.
  • Cigarette Cost Sample (1/8/2017) - Here is an article I did in 2015 about the price of cigarettes, listed by state. Not only does it have a sample of my writing but it also includes a table formatted to standards put forth by the client.
  • Gifts for The Outdoorsman in Your Life Sample (1/8/2017) - I am fairly knowledgeable about the outdoors and outdoor gift ideas. I not only wrote this list but I compiled the items for the list too. If you are looking for a sample that shows me writing in an area I am experienced in this is one.
  • Tech Prep Sample (1/8/2017) - A short (587 word) webpage I did for a client’s website. Limited information for the client’s website was available but utilizing old versions of the website I was able to write this article for them. It is about the benefits of using a tech prep program.