New About Me Section & Menu Revamp

Howdy! It has been a little bit since I posted on IDS Freelancing. I have been quite busy with orders on Fiverr mixed with my staff writing position. It is time to grow though, and several people have requested more portfolio content. New portfolio content will be added over the next few weeks to help give you a better idea of my work.

But that isn’t all. I took some time to change up the About Me section on the website to make it a little more informative. Take a moment to take a look here. A few examples of testimonials have been added to the page too.

It was pointed out to me that during an update to the WordPress theme that I use, the menu got returned to a “default” setting. This has been changed to reflect the original menu but with a few changes. I added a quote section to the menu and removed the old portfolio section to feature a new link. Some of the titles were also altered slightly to reflect better terms.

Make sure that you take a second to browse the website and see the changes that have been made. Come back to see some of the portfolio content that will be added.

Do you need an article written? Contact me today for a quote via my website or visit my Fiverr page to create an order.

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